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Bee Control Area in Sacramento County Sacramento Office

Master Pest Patrol
Sacramento, CA 95823
Tel.: (916) 747-3099

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We do Bee Hive Removal in Sacramento, Elk Grove, Stockton, Davis, Woodland, Citrus Heights, Orangevale, Rancho Cordova, Roseville, Fair Oaks, Galt, Natomas, and surrounding areas. We also do service for the Bay Area such as San Francisco, San Jose, Tracy, Cupertino, Santa Clara, Vacaville, Vallejo, and other surrounding areas.

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Bee Removal

We save bees and use the most innovative tools for doing so. Call us for more information how we can remove your unwanted bees without killing them. We have removed bees out of chimmneys, walls, cielings, trees, even as high as 80 feet in the air using a lift.

Many companies operate without a license and say that they are licensed and insured, however, they do not have the proper license and their insurance will not cover if they are investigated.

We have been removing bees and hives from structural voids for years. We are very efficient, thorough, and place a guarantee on our work. We have various methods for removal depending on your circumstance. We are a bee-friendly company and try to save the whole hive with the bees as much as possible using state-of-the-art equipment that was designed and built by our own company.


The honey bee colony should be salvaged alive if possible, but sometimes this is not practical. Honey bee swarms that have recently entered the wall of a structure, say for 1 day or so, can be exterminated. Although, it is still not recommended to exterminate since there is a big shortage of bees. If the bees have been there after 3-5 days or more it is definitely not recommended to exterminate—removal is the preferred method. The reason that removal is the preferred method is because a) it removes the bees b) it removes not only the bees, but also the wax and honey.

Extermination of beehives after 3-5 days is risky, because it is likely that when the bees die, the wax will melt and cause the honey to flow out of the hive. When the bees are alive, they flap their wings and keep the hive cool preventing wax from melting. Often I have seen honey seeping out of the baseboard, siding, and sometimes just trapped on the wood stud causing dry rot. An exterminated hive will likely cause an infestation of mice and/or wax moths. One other method of removal is the use of trapping; however, trapping can cost a lot due to the cost of material and many trips that a beekeeper has to take.

Call us to for bee removal from whatever structure. We operate out of Sacramento.

Beehive Comb
Beehive Removal boy
Master Bee Removal provides bee removal in Sacramento, Bee hive removal, bee control, Honey bee control
Honey Bee Comb

Kill bees?

Extermination of bees is not the ideal method for removal of honey bees. Honey bees while alive flap their wings causing the wax honeycomb to stay cool. If they are killed, the honeycomb will melt and the honey is likely to ooze out of the comb and very possibly seep out of your baseboards or get trapped in the wall causing major damage. Call us for advise on removal.

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