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Bees in wall Bee Hive Removal

The average bee hive has about 60,000 bees in the colony. The colony of bees keep the wax comb from melting by flapping their wings. Some amateur so-called bee experts suggest killing the bees. When 60,000 bees stop flapping their wings, it is most probable that the wax will melt. In turn the 50 lbs of honey will probably start seeping out of your baseboard. One weeks after a bee colony has moved into a wall void, there can be up to 15 lbs of honey. So, we suggest that the hive is removed after one week.

This is the ideal method of removal for a number of reasons:

  1. Bees are removed.
  2. Honey is removed.
  3. Wax is removed.
  4. Void is filled in with insulation to prevent further episodes.
  5. Bees are not exterminated.

bee trapping graphic
Pesticidal Application

Sometimes an application of pesticides is the answer such as when it is not possible to remove hive or when a swarm just entered a wall void. However, we first try to save the bees and then if that is not possible, we exterminate them.

If the bees are exterminated and there is wax in the wall, chances are that the next bee season, there will be a new group of bees in your wall. Bees can eat through sealant, caulking, exterior spackling, foam, etc. So, if there is wax in the wall, it is always better to remove the complete hive. Remember, it only takes about a week for the bees to build a substantial amount of wax.

When is Bee Trapping necessary?

Bee trapping is necessary under the following conditions:

  1. When the structure is impossible to dismantle.
  2. In cases where they enter in from an opening in the brick.
  3. When the homeowner does not want to disturb the walls or ceilings.


Bee Trapping Bee Trapping

In some cases, trapping is the answer. Trapping removes the bees and the honey, but does not remove the wax. This is not the ideal method, because the old wax will always be an attractant for future swarms. We are experts in this area. My experience is that most bee experts do not know how to trap the bees. I have seen people pay top dollar for this service and the only thing that was removed was the bees. The 50 lbs of honey was left in the wall!

We make at least 3 visits to the site to make sure that the process is working and to implement the honey removal from the wall void. This basic diagram makes it look very easy, however, there are some very important instructions to make it work.

Every year I have to finish the work that amateurs have started, because they could not finish the job. Also, I have noticed that even the few that know how to to do trapping, have tried to cut the costs and have used materials that make it impossible to complete. This year alone, I have finished 6 trappings from a well-known company in the Sacramento Area.

For bee control and if you live in the Sacramento or surrounding area just call me (916) 747-3099.

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